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Randall Stephenson's Mobile Industry Keynote Reflect on a Decade

 - Oct 6, 2012
References: att & youtu.be
Randall Stephenson, the Chairman and CEO of AT&T, delivers an engaging and exciting mobile industry keynote. He points out that despite the dark economic conditions over the last decade, the industry has managed to evolve and transform at a staggeringly rapid pace.

In just the last five years alone, there has been a shift from 2G networks to 4G networks and now LTE -- a truly incredible accomplishment. Not only has this transformed the mobile phone experience, but it has also transformed the way business is conducted.

What people previously used for text messaging and email, is now being used to steam videos and download music. Smartphone sales have officially exceeded PC sales over the last year. Stephenson predicts that within the next five years, wireless connections to networks will be on every single device sold in an electronic store.

He concludes his mobile industry keynote by stating that the industry can expect a 750 percent increase each year over the next five years.