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Jana Sievers' Mobile Advertising Keynote Explores Digital Potential

 - Jul 3, 2012
References: youtu.be
Mobile advertising expert Jana Sievers discusses the rise of smartphone marketing mediums in this mobile advertising keynote. The purpose of her speech is to demonstrate why advertisers should invest more in mobile advertising.

She begins her speech by sharing various facts and statistics about the world's mobile users. While 1.6 billion people today own a television, there are 5.2 billion mobile phone subscribers. This numbers represents a huge potential for advertisers to reach a large number of people and to get their message across.

She then discusses the types of smartphone advertising that are received very well by users. Display advertising -- especially in banners and videos -- is what really grabs the attention of customers.

Sievers sees mobile advertising as the future because it enables advertisers and marketers to target customers in certain locations, appealing to niche markets.