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Robert Brunner Tells Why Branding is More of a Feeling

 - Feb 12, 2012
References: youtube
In this interesting and insightful video with industrial designer Robert Brunner, he discusses why a brand is more than just a logo and shows how it's a feeling that is evoked inside someone. He explains that a brand is not advertising, a logo, the product or service, or, even, an identity system. He describes a brand as a gut feeling that you carry with you. He says when two people have the same feeling than the result is a brand.

He delves into the issue further by comparing a brand to meeting a person for the first time. Robert shows how sometimes individuals can be intrigued by a person the first time they meet them, but then realize they are not what you thought they were after you actually get to know them. He makes the argument that the same is true for a brand; the gut feeling comes into play and determines whether or not people value and trust it. In this creative talk from Robert Brunner, he encourages his audience to think about branding a little more abstractly and defines what a brand is based of his experience.