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Jonathan Gabay Discusses the Trickery Involved in Marketing

 - Feb 28, 2012
References: jonathangabay & youtube
Jonathan Gabay is a journalist and creative business strategist with 20 years experience. Gabay works in the field of branding and marketing, analyzing the controversial rhetoric behind corporate advertising. He has authored several books and articles, including ‘Soul Traders.’ He explores the darker side of branding. As read on his website, Gabay’s goal is to "demystify the news stories behind the brands."

Gabay discusses his provocative perspective on branding. He delves into the reasons honest people have lost out to hard sell. He argues that the economy has become stuck in a crossroads between hype and propaganda. The social economy is flinching, bloated and bed-ridden by the profit-hungry leaders of the corporate world. Gabay argues that companies use rhetoric shamelessly against an unsuspecting sea of consumers. The use of wholesome ideals as advertisement has phased the population.