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The Unique Value Keynote by Thorsten Heins Gives Hope to BlackBerry

 - Oct 6, 2012
The recently appointed RIM CEO Thorsten Heins discusses his plans to revolutionize BlackBerry in this unique value keynote. Despite the backlash and negative dialogue surrounding the brand and its products in the media over the last year, Heins believes in the unique value the company delivers to its customers every day.

Studies shoe that the target customers of the brand are those who are highly connected -- more so than any other customer -- to social media. The BlackBerry target customer is far from the average smartphone user and Heins believes in the brand's capacity to serve these individuals.

Beyond enabling strong inter-connectivity, BlackBerry empowers its customers to be more productive, competitive and successful. At the end of the day, BackBerry is the device that helps generate success in both the personal and professional realm of one's life.