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A Modern Employment Market Keynote by Wingham Rowan

 - Jan 31, 2013
In his modern employment market keynote, Wingham Rowan identifies a new kind of employment climate and calls on governments to employ the processes and technology they use on a state level in an effort to allow all citizens a chance to access these new markets.

Rowan first begins by outlining a temp-based recruiting system that some businesses use to staff short-term and short notice jobs. He identifies a variety of people who, due to their own life's circumstances, aren't able to predict when they will always be available to work. For people like this, these kinds of systems (mostly websites) list their availability on short notice along with their cost and their reliability. Companies log on and select their workers for the task.

Rowan explains the vast gap between the processes used in stock markets to trade assets and those used by everyday citizens to apply for jobs. He jokingly points out that when a trader walks into work in the morning he or she doesn't create a listing for the stock in hopes someone will email him/her when interested. Instead, there are processes in place that streamline and regulate activity.