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Gord Nixon's Economic Prosperity Keynote Discusses Ontario

 - Jan 22, 2013
This economic prosperity keynote features Gord Nixon, the CEO of RBC in Canada, speaking at the Jobs and Prosperity Council Summit 2012. This specific keynote addresses prosperity in the province of Ontario, but its messages can be applied to all economies around the world.

Nixon emphasizes the importance of a shared vision for the future to make any economy more competitive and more sustainable. He sees the relationship and collaboration between governments and private sectors as more important than ever before. The digital revolution is making the world much smaller and entrenching globalization; a stronger front is created when a united force is formed.

To compete and to win in tomorrow's economy, the roles of both the government and the private sector need to be realigned and reconsidered. This economic prosperity keynote offers insight from one of Canada's most important business leaders.