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This Steven Levitt Speech Dissects the Low-Paying Lifestyle of Drug Dealers

 - May 8, 2012
References: freakonomics & youtube
The economics and finances of drug dealing in the United States of America are discussed in this fascinating Steven Levitt speech. Early on in the keynote, the author of 'Freakonomics' expresses his hopes of convincing his audience that being a drug dealer in an inner city gang in America is the worst job anyone could have.

His speech, which is based off of ten years of research gathered from a rare opportunity of studying inner city gangs on the inside, explains how the innovation of crack cocaine has had one of the biggest impacts on life in America over the last twenty-five years.

Sharing a wide range of fascinating and at times unbelievable stories and experiences from the research done within the gang, Levitt draws a parallel between a gang and the corporation of McDonald's. From its hierarchies to its exceedingly low-paying wages for those at the bottom, Levitt presents eye-opening facts and shocking statistics of life as a drug dealer in America.