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Bert Jacobs Discusses His Perspective on Business Barriers

 - Mar 8, 2012
References: lifeisgood & youtube
Bert Jacobs is half of the brother duo behind the 'Life is Good' apparel company. Referencing the struggles he and his brother had to endure before becoming successful throughout his speech, Jacobs demonstrates how the end results in life aren't always the most important part or focus.

After describing his experiences of selling shirts door to door, Bert Jacobs discusses his mantra 'life is good.' Outlining his journey to the top, he insists that the journey is the mainstay of success. He argues that it is the opportunities that make life good, not the security of finances of immediate success.

In addition to the inspiration offered by Jacobs in this speech, he also shares the invaluable lesson of not letting life pass you by. As he reminds the audience, it is important to remember the moments and lessons we learn throughout our individual journeys.