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David Birch's Finance Keynote Shares a Safer Paying Method

 - Jun 5, 2012
References: dgwbirch & youtu.be
In this finance keynote, technology consultant David Birch explains the problem with financial transactions that reveal an individual's true identity. From one's chip debit card with a pin, to Facebook accounts and live chat rooms, the opportunities for hackers and thieves to access personal information has never been easier.

As Birch explains, almost all transactions (not only financial) are centered around an individual's name. As a result of this, it is exceedingly easy for thieves to track down very personal information, which can be used to access bank accounts and private files.

Birch provides a solution that focuses on convenience and safety -- one card that only shares the necessary information required. The card will enable individuals such as bartenders to feel more confident in their serving of drinks. Should an individual not be under the age of 18, a simple 'X' would show up, as opposed to various information, including name, address, date of birth and phone number.

As the world continues to become more closely connected, businesses -- especially banks -- must find ways to protect its customers.