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Michael Hlinka Offers Insight into the Future of Canada's Economy

 - Jan 25, 2012
References: thelavinagency & vimeo
In this speech, CBC business contributor and finance expert Michael Hlinka offers his predictions and opinions on the future of the Canadian economy. He believes that a make-or-break factor of some of the country's largest companies will rely on their ability to generate cash flow for investors.

After listing some of the companies and businesses he sees emerging as the most successful, Michael Hlinka asserts that Canadians will not witness a similar economic meltdown that occurred in the United States. With that being said, he also believes that Canadians have been lulled into a false sense of security. Many perceive the unlikelihood of an economic recession in Canada as equating to steady economic growth. Michael Hlinka explains why this isn't the case and that Canadians should brace themselves for a period of very slow growth in the markets.