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Graeme Deans Urges Companies to Challenge the Status Quo to Succeed

 - Jan 25, 2012
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In this speech, author and business strategy expert Graeme Deans discusses the role that the internal attitude of a company or team plays in economic growth. Drawing from personal experience working as a consultant for large companies, Graeme Deans shares strategies that have succeeded and others that have failed.

He encourages companies to recognize the differences between economic and market growth during the 1990s compared to today. Economic growth moved much quicker in the last decade than it does today, meaning companies need to adopt new methods and attitudes. Companies need to cease opportunities -- such as becoming the most cost-effective producer -- instead of viewing these as insurmountable barriers during a period of recession or slow growth. By providing a variety of anecdotes from specific companies and organizations, Graeme Deans shows the audience why it's crucial to challenge the status quo.