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Richard Moross Describes How Window Shopping Informs Product Design

 - Jan 23, 2012
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Entrepreneur and innovator Richard Moross describes how window shopping informs product design. He recalls his start as an entrepreneur, stating that all good products take inspiration from what came before them. Moross recognizes that everyone, including himself is a consumer. He feels that the art of understanding good products lies in making things that people would want to consume.

Browsing and window shopping is a weekly activity for the London, England native who examines how this casual act affects product design. The seemingly simple act of window shopping introduces individuals to emerging trends and the newest and latest products on the market. Unlike online browsing, the physical nature of window shopping allows one to touch and interact with products.

Richard Moross believes in the benefits of browsing shops, proving the benefits of product sourcing when aiming to create something that people will want to consume.