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Mike Germano Explains How Brand Interaction Leads to Sales

 - Jan 21, 2012
References: mikegermano.tumblr & youtu.be
Social media expert Mike Germano discusses the importance of consumer interaction in relation to a brand's success. Participation plays a very important role in the branding experience. Brands are no longer tailored to fit the traditional mold created by advertisers. A brand's success is often based by how well its products perform and interact with a consumer base.

Germano illustrates how individuals who interact with a brand are more likely to purchase products associated with that particular brand. If one does not interact with a product, they are often trusting of user experience from those close to them.

Everyone's perception of a brand is often based on their peers' reactions. Participation equals good customer service and allows companies to interact with potential customers through print, video and online advertisements.