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The keynotes by Janice Chaffin focus on dealing with workplace bullies by bringing teams together....

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Janice Chaffin Provides Solutions for Workplace Bullies

 - Jan 17, 2012
References: symantec & youtu.be
Janice Chaffin, President of Symantec's Consumer Business Unit, discusses the steps one needs to take when dealing with workplace bullies. Individuals often experience workplace frustration when there is a lack of communication and understanding of key team concepts. Chaffin speaks of her past experiences dealing with difficult or opposing personalities while on a team. She states that communication is key in workplace altercations and that she always questions her own clarity before engaging in an intense discussion.

The businesswoman uses a variety of techniques when dealing with difficult personalities, including openly communicating with the person through an honest, individual conversation. This act allows for co-workers to clear the air and get back on track, eventually bridging the gap between a team by strengthening and unifying it.