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Richard Wilkinson Explains the True Effects of Economic Inequalities

 - Jan 10, 2012
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In this engaging keynote speech, Richard Wilkinson, the co-author of 'The Spirit Level,' discusses his research that offers new and important insight into the true effects of economic disparities throughout the world.

Richard Wilkinson begins his discussion by reviewing the traditional indexes and measurements used to determine and evaluate inequality in the world. He then explains why scientists, researchers and politicians should be using other methods, because his research clearly demonstrates that the index of health and social problems compared to the income of countries shows no correlation. His data demonstrates how measurements such as trust, mental health and involvement in the community are much more accurate indicators of the countries facing high rates on inequality. He argues that countries with greater wealth disparities face even harsher conditions in these areas. As Richard Wilkinson lays out, a country may have more money than another, but a greater disparity of that wealth amongst its citizens will create greater problems.