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David Damberger Explains Why Many Projects Fail the Third World

 - Jan 5, 2012
References: ted & youtube
During this speech, David Damberger discusses the shortcomings and failures of the development aid industry in third world countries. Having founded the Edmonton chapter of Engineers without Borders and spent four years in Africa working in some of the organization's programs, David Damberger has personally witnessed the failures of a variety of projects and aid initiatives. He discovered that aid projects frequently break down due to a lack of maintenance of software and the failure of governments to recognize these errors and to innovate for the future.

In this speech David Damberger explains why governments must be willing to take responsibility for failed projects if improvements or change can take place in developing countries and communities. Damberger attributes transparency and accountability as necessary in making positive changes. Damberger concludes his speech by sharing his latest efforts to making long-lasting changes in the developing world.