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Jessika Trancik Discusses Alternative Ways To Conserve Energy

 - Dec 30, 2011
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Engineer and educator Jessika Trancik introduces new energy conservation techniques, using a combination of simple materials with complex technological models. She weighs the benefits of our current energy technologies and addresses where our innovations are heading.

Trancik integrates discussions about technology and how it relates to climate change. We consume energy through transportation, heat and electricity. Though these technologies have improved over the years by becoming faster, more efficient, cheaper and more convenient, they continue to damage our planet by emitting carbon dioxide.

The engineer explores alternative options to transportation and activities that cause us to burn fossil fuels. Trancik issues a transformation challenge to scientists, manufacturers and consumers, explaining how the knowledge of materials, energy systems and high tech information processing will allow us to solve large-scale problems sooner. She highlights the importance of interacting technologies with our environment and the possibility to accelerate the development of clean materials for our changing world.