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Cameron Sinclair Discusses Property Busts Resulting in Massive Losses

Architect Cameron Sinclair discusses the unreported debt caused by unsuccessful real estate projects in the third world, bringing focus to the thousands of workers left moneyless and without work. Sinclair is a co-founder of 'Architecture for Humanity,' a non-profit organization that aims to solve global architectural issues. The architect reveals the dark side of the construction industry and follows the unfolding issue of workers' rights.

With thousands of projects put on hold, construction halts result in the loss of a multiple jobs. People risk everything to provide for their family, often ending up in labour camps that violate standard health, housing and safety regulations. They are often abandoned, losing their identification with no way of returning home. These human rights violations challenge building processes with Cameron Sinclair urging architects and builders to consider the lives of these workers the next time that they build or design structures.