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Laura Trice Shows How Saying Thank You Can Improve Lives

 - Jan 5, 2012
References: drlauramd & youtube
In this keynote, Dr. Laura Trice informs her audience on the value of showing appreciation through simply saying thank you. She demonstrates why people are sometimes too shy or too embarrassed to praise others even if they feel those individuals deserve some sort of recognition.

By investigating the issue, Laura also reveals why people don’t ask others to tell them things that they need to hear. She explains that the reason for this is because people are afraid to open up to others in a way that is so personal. She then encourages everyone in the crowd to take this knowledge home with them and tell someone important to them something that they need to hear praise for. In this simple yet intriguing keynote, Laura Trice not only illustrates the importance of saying thank you, but also how to make it specific and genuine.