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Nathan Eagle's Mobile Workforce Keynote Talks Jobs Via Smartphones

 - Dec 19, 2012
References: jana & player.vimeo
Nathan Eagle, entrepreneur and co-founder of Jana, talks about utilizing the abundance of smartphones in developing countries to create more jobs in his mobile workforce keynote.

Formerly known as txteagle, Jana -- meaning people in Sanskrit -- is a company that provides jobs to the under-employed by taking advantage of the mobile world. According to Eagle, one in four smartphone users resides in Africa or other developing countries. These users are quite tech-savvy especially since their schedules are sent via texts and other forms of mobile communication. Jana is a crowd-sourced company that sends tasks that are broken down to the mobile users where they then collect the research and data the company is looking for. This method is not only cost efficient for businesses since they do not have to personally fly out but also more immediate as well.

Taking advantage of the exploding smartphone market, Eagle has found a way to harness the accessibility and create multiple jobs for the under-employed. The entrepreneur's vision expands far beyond the continents, reaching over 100 countries with over 230 mobile operators.