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This Return of Steve Jobs Keynote Introduces the OS Operating System

 - Nov 7, 2012
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This exciting return of Steve Jobs keynote took place in 1997, shortly after he was reappointed as Apple's CEO. It was during this speech in front of the media and shareholders that Jobs presented the company's new mission and goal. He also introduced the company's brand new operating system, which he referred to then as 'Mach OS.'

With Steve Jobs back in the driver's seat, the mission became "to provide relevant, compelling solutions that customers can only get from Apple." In order to this, Jobs explained how the company needed the help from the developers. The developers, however, also needed a bigger and better platform on which they could build and create. To do that, Steven created Mach OS, an operating system tuned for real-time media, works across different platforms and runs different files on different devices.

Jobs then states the goal of the company: "to be one of the world's strongest brands, offering compelling, unique solutions in concert with its developers to consumers, education and enterprises."

Reflecting on this return of Steve Jobs keynote, one can recognize that Steve in fact did achieve this goals, and that the unparalleled capacities of OS are being maintained today.