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Steve Jobs' Macworld Expo 1997 Keynote Shares Some of Apple's Past Plans

 - Jun 26, 2012
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In this Macworld Expo 1997 keynote, Steve Jobs -- who at the time was recently appointed the CEO of Apple -- introduces the brand's new strategy for restoring its health and vitality. Beginning the speech with a status report on the brand's finances and past performance, the audience provides Jobs an extremely warm welcome as he comes on stage.

Without wasting any time, Jobs dives into the criticism the brand had recently received including its perceived irrelevancy in the market, its failure to execute anything and its culture of anarchy, which is apparently impossible to manage. Jobs, in an infectiously reassuring manner, explains how Apple is well on its way to a healthy recovery, and that despite the criticism it has received, is focusing again on its core assets and some very new and exciting product paradigms.

As is demonstrated in this Macworld Expo 1997 keynote, Jobs was an extremely comfortable public speaker, who was not only passionate about Apple, but also extremely confident in its ability to produce some of the most revolutionary products technology has witnessed.