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Steve Jobs' Apple History Keynote Illustrates Its Power

 - Jul 7, 2012
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In the introduction to this Apple history keynote from Steve Jobs back in 1984, viewers witness an unparalleled amount of loyalty and hype surrounding the brand and its upcoming release of new products. Steve Jobs is welcomed to the stage with an enormously positive and excited reaction from the crowd.

Without wasting any time, Jobs dives into the history of Apple and IMB, reiterating the fact that IBM wanted nothing to do with the personal computer. Dismissing it as too small to do any serious computing, the company viewed it as a waste of time and investment.

Jobs then outlines how Apple has capitalized on IBM's poorly calculated decision and has gone on to create Apple 2, the world's most popular personal computer. The most important takeaway from this particular keynote introduction from Steve Jobs is the levels of excitement and enthusiasm demonstrated by the audience, as Jobs reviews the brand's success and plans for the future. It is no surprise why Apple has dominated the market for such an extended period of time, as its following consists of much more than a group of consumers.