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Marc Ferrentino Shows How a Fry Cook Job Can Shape Your Work Ethic

 - Jan 22, 2012
References: salesforce & youtube
Now a Chief Technology Architect at, Marc Ferrentino shares what his past part-time work he did as a high-school and college student did to shape his current work ethic.

By working as early as he could as a fry cook and dishwasher at different restaurants, starting at the tender age of 15, Marc shows that these tough and dirty jobs helped show him that it's important to work hard in life to reach your goals. By doing this kind of work early on, Marc believes that it instills certain virtues in a person. He explains that his part-time jobs not only taught him the value of a dollar, but how to work smarter and less hard when you get older. In this insightful video conversation with Marc Ferrentino, he shows views why working hard early on in life can teach you important life lessons later on.