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A Digital Future Keynote by Baratunde Thurston Entertains & Engages

 - Nov 15, 2012
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Baratunde Thurston, the director of Digital at The Onion and the author of 'How to Be Black' discusses what he sees happening for media and journalism in this digital future keynote.

The first is a quick reaction and the ability to react swiftly. At The Onion, the creative process was put into effect almost immediately upon learning about Steve Jobs' death.

The next idea deals with live coverage and the ability to create a moment in a community with virtual moments to connect people around the world. What he means by this is having content prepared ahead of time; of course the news cannot be predicted but content can be manipulated as it happens.

Another big idea on which he focuses is the access to information and news on various platforms at once. Additionally, the ability to target specific audiences with specific information is on the rise as more people are gaining access.

The type of engagement he sees is in real-time and available to anyone. While writing his book, he made it available to the public to not only access but to also comment on it. His digital future keynote, while entertaining and comical at times, provides valuable insight from an online leader.