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Carl Hiaasen Discusses Society's Obsession with Celebrity Culture

 - Jan 24, 2012
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Carl Hiaasen is the bestselling author of four books, a columnist and an investigative journalist for the Miami Herald. In this brief discussion, Carl Hiaasen talks about the research in which he had to engage to write his book 'Star Island.' As he explains, he had to dedicate a fair amount of time reading tabloids, celebrity magazines, blogs and news sites.

Carl Hiaasen pinpoints the trial of O.J. Simpson as the turning point at which American society became obsessed with celebrity culture. He expresses his concern over the fact that so many reporters, journalists and news trucks were outside that courthouse instead of covering news in local communities. He identifies this urge of the media to cover a domestic murder as opposed to city commissions or local news as inordinately troubling. He considers the majority of today's news as worthless and mindless.