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Glen Tullman Shows The Potential Of Healthcare In This Wellness Keynote

 - Jul 25, 2012
References: allscripts & vimeo
American entrepreneur Glen Tullman discusses how to create better healthcare worldwide in this wellness keynote. Tullman shares positive news about how to not only survive to be 100-years-old, but also how to thrive at that age. Believing that it is not the epiphany of one of us, instead it is the collaboration of all us. However, the healthcare system today takes roughly ten years for new breakthroughs to become common practice, while in other aspects of society, system breakthroughs make for instantaneous changes.

Tullman sees the solution being us -- suggesting that the collective intelligence interactions within the community will create a higher rate of change. Every conversation has people learning through this connectivity. By spreading these ideas through technology in healthcare today, it enables physicians to create connections and collaborations with patients.