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This Aydogan Ozcan Keynote Explores the Uses of Cell Phones

 - May 10, 2012
References: innovate.ee.ucla.edu & youtube
The powerful potential that cellphones hold in the healthcare realm is explored in this Aydogan Ozcan keynote speech.

A professor at UCLA, the speaker developed a cost-effective way to convert a cellular telephone into a microscope that can analyze data effectively, on a low budget and in less than ideal conditions.

By replacing the expensive optic technology found in traditional microscopes with len-less shadow imaging, the ability to analyze cells in the field quickly, easily and conveniently has been made possible. The speaker explains that the benefits to such a technological shift will greatly enhance the physicians ability to find and monitor illness and its progression without needing to rely on access to cumbersome equipment.

Since cellular phones work in all parts of the world, the keynoter explains that access to this technology will greatly reduce the costs associated with diagnosing illness in the developing world.