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The Barry Schwartz Keynote Questions the World's Abundance of Choices

 - Apr 18, 2012
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Drawing examples from the book 'The Paradox of Choice,' the Barry Schwartz Keynote demonstrates how the happiness of Western societies today is being hindered by the abundance of choices and decisions individuals must make every day. While Schwartz recognizes the increase in freedom that accompanies an increase in choice -- ultimately resulting in a better quality of life -- he offers a fascinating explanation of how this can actually make people more stressed and less satisfied overall.

From cell phones to salad dressings and health insurance plans, the Western world has witnessed an explosion of choices. As a result, individuals start to question and doubt their choices, stressing over whether or not they made the right one.

Barry Schwartz offers an eye-opening and thought-provoking argument, showing how all this choice actually makes it harder and more daunting for individuals to make decisions, which ultimately results in less liberation and happiness.