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Kathy Cleveland Bull Explains How to Stay Relevant in Evolving Markets

 - Feb 22, 2012
References: youtube
In this intriguing, yet personal, keynote from founder of N-Compass Consulting and professionalism speaker Kathy Cleveland Bull, she reveals to her audience why change is always going to be a part of business and why in environments of constant change, trends and fads, one must be able to adapt to the evolving environments around them.

Giving examples from pop culture and current commercial markets, Kathy shows how these topics reflect the changes that are always happening in a trend-based society. She also shows how the power of choice can empower one to make better business decisions and describes theories and research that better explain this idea. In this interesting video presentation from Kathy Cleveland Bull, she not only discusses the virtues of choice but reveals to the audience how it can help them with ever-changing markets.