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Harald Haas Demonstrates How a LED Light Bulb Can Transmit Data

 - Jan 9, 2012
References: see.ed.ac.uk & youtu.be
In this fascinating speech, Harald Haas demonstrates how a LED light bulb can be used to transmit data, similar to a mobile device but in a significantly more efficient and fast manner. Motivated by the inefficiency of data transmission amongst the five billion mobile devices currently operated in the world, Harald Haas wanted to create something more productive.

Harald and his team of researchers at Edinburgh University created a light bulb that uses light instead of radio waves to connect to the Internet. Harald Haas uses a desk lamp to demonstrate how this technology, which he calls D-Light, works by streaming a high-definition video onto the auditorium's projector. With one flick of a light, D-Light can transmit more data then a cellular base system. Harald Haas offers an efficient and truly fascinating technology for today's wireless communications.