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Jeff Swartz Discusses the Importance of Employees' Health

 - Jan 20, 2012
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Timberland CEO Jeff Swartz discusses a CEOs responsibility of ensuring the health of their employees. Swartz strongly disagrees with the notion that governments are responsible for individuals' healthcare, encouraging CEOs to step up and ensure the well being of those working for them.

A successful business is made up of happy and healthy employees and Swartz believes that a worker's well being falls under his long set of responsibilities as a CEO. Though employees' health is ultimately their own individual responsibility, Swartz believes that he plays a great part in this. Corporations are the ones paying for their workers' healthcare and it is these corporations' responsibility to deliver a competitive benefit plan that allows workers to live healthy lives. Jeff Swartz urges individuals to consider corporations as a major factor when it comes to employees' health, reminding the public to never dismiss a company's responsibility to their workers.