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Mobile Medicine & Virtual Diagnostics are Discussed in this Daniel Kraft Speech

 - May 16, 2012
References: futuremed2020 & youtu.be
The future of healthcare and medical technology is the focus of this Daniel Kraft speech. The physician and medical innovator describes the future of medicine as one that is digital and mobile, leveraging the world's technological advancements to improve the health of patients at every stage of their lives.

Society currently invests trillions of dollars on the last 20 percent of people's lives. Kraft envisions a future that spends just as much money on preventative measures, technologies and treatments, which can benefit people throughout their whole lives.

He then lists a multitude of devices, gadgets and technologies that are transforming the way people receive healthcare. From chips in mobile phones that analyze a urine sample to check for STDs to watches that measure one's heart rate and examinations carried out exclusively by radiology, medicine is ushering in new technologies that will enable physicians to diagnose and treat patients more quickly and more accurately.