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Dean Kamen Discusses the Coming Innovations of Prosthetics

 - Mar 8, 2012
References: dekaresearch & youtube
Dean Kamen is the inventor behind the iconic transportation technology Segway PT. Kamen earned his doctrine of science from Clarkson University, and went on to earn another from the University of Arizona.

In this speech, Kamen discusses his innovative efforts in prosthetic technology. Kamen’s company DEKA has recently received funding from DARPA to work on a neuron-controlled prosthetic limb known as the ‘Luke Arm.' DARPA is a funding group that invests in more risky and forward-thinking concepts, particularly anything that could aid in the comfort of soldiers.

Though Kamen is left-brained and analytical, he gains his inspiration from people. The drive behind the prosthetic project was aiding people, helping the world move forward towards neutralism and comfort.