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Catherine Mohr Examines the Important Factors of Green Living

 - Jan 20, 2012
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Catherine Mohr, known for her work in medical robotics, shares a compelling story about her attempt at living a green life. Mohr examines crucial factors and setback based on her experience of building a sustainable home and presents advice to individuals pursuing a similar undertaking.

Mohr describes herself as a geek who wants to live and build green, but admits feeling skeptical at the mass media's portrayal of what it means to be sustainable. She examines the real amount of energy used when living responsibly and aiming at sustainability. Sometimes the things you least expect have a large effect on sustainable practices.

The speaker examines the amount of energy used by a paper napkin versus a cotton towel and sees the advantages and disadvantages in both, ultimately realizing that they break even when closely examining the the amount of energy each waste. She explains her process of demolishing, deconstructing and rebuilding a home and the many factors that go into making it as sustainable as possible. From a rain-catching system, to organic materials and finishes, living green is a complex process that requires commitment and determination.