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Yoav Medan Shows How Focused Ultrasound Can Lead to More Effective Procedures

 - Jan 16, 2012
References: insightec & youtu.be
In this medical-related speech, Yoav Medan discusses new technologies that enable doctors to perform medical procedures without having to make invasive incisions. Yoav Medan and his team of scientists, doctors and researchers at InSightec Ltd. use focused ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging technologies to target brain lesions, which enables them to avoid having to make any cuts into skin or delicate tissues.

As Yoav Medan explains throughout this speech, this technological breakthrough means many important things for the world of medicine. It can treat disorders such as Parkinson's or tremors much more effectively because it reduces recovery time spent in the hospital. This technology also leads to a safer procedure because it enables physicians to target the exact location of a lesion or tumor without having to spare healthier, non-affected tissue.