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Thomas Pogge Disects the Pharma Industry's Shortcomings & Proposes a Solution

 - Jan 5, 2012
During this speech, philosopher, political scientist and author Thomas Pogge provides an in-depth analysis on the way medicine is developed and sold in the world today. Thomas Pogge outlines three incredibly harmful shortcomings in today's pharmaceutical industries including unfair access to medicine, a lack of innovation within the system and inefficient spending that prevents individuals from receiving the care they need.

As Thomas Pogge explains, medicine is extremely inexpensive to develop today. Pogge attributes the world's exceedingly disproportionate distribution of wealth as the root causes of the industry's lack of innovation and universal access. His speech presents a very strong case that demonstrates how pharmaceutical companies price products and drugs for the rich, while completely dismiss or ignore the needs of the poor. Thomas Pogge then shares his plan to transform these problems into solutions, and shows how he is determined to creating a healthier and happier world.