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The David Erdal Employee-Ownership Keynote Talks Affluent Businesses

 - Oct 10, 2012
References: baxipartnership & youtube
The David Erdal employee-ownership keynote shares ideas about how to run a successful business. Erdal believes that if employees have power and ownership in companies then it will make a business much more efficient. When this is done, it changes the power structure within a company and makes everyone much more active and engaged in bettering the company.

The main selling point of employee ownership is that everyone gets treated equally and like a partner. The money that a company makes will even stay within the company, allowing for expansion and better revenue. It not only makes the environment better for everyone in the company, but it also pretty much ensures the success of that business. Ergal shares many examples of successful employee owned business to prove this.

He says that employee-owned businesses are more productive -- they grow faster, they increase jobs more, they last longer and the people that work there stay longer.

This is an interesting keynote about the important role that employees can take to ensure a successful business.