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Guy Kawasaki's Life Advice Speech Offers Ten Hindsights for Students

 - Oct 26, 2012
References: guykawasaki & youtube
Guy Kawasaki's life advice speech offers the graduating students at Menlo College ten hindsights on life that he has accumulated over the last 35 years of his own life. The first pieces of advice, which is rather comedic, is to live off your parents for as long as you can.

The second piece of advice, which is perhaps my favorite from the list, is to pursue joy and not happiness in life, because life is not going to be an uninterrupted state of happiness; what balances sadness and grief is the joy that comes from experiences like falling in love, raising children and building strong friendships.

His third hindsight in this life advice speech is to challenge the known and embrace the unknown, because the status quo is much too overrated. Fourth, he encourages the audience to change their minds as it is a sign of intelligence (he then references his time working for Steve Jobs and how he changed his mind all the time).

The last five pieces of advice focus on keeping things simple in business and to never over think a product or service because there will always be time to improve it.