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Patrick Dixon's Emotion Marketing Keynote Hones in On Disruption

 - Jul 10, 2012
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In this emotion marketing keynote, futurist Patrick Dixon argues that the future shouldn't be something brands adapt to but something they create. He believes that corporations are wasting time and resources by relying on market research to plan for the future. Market research doesn't actually provide any insight into the future, it simply highlights past preferences and patterns of consumers.

Dixon believes that the future will revolve around the following three areas: disruption of the individual, disruption of consumption and disruption of the consumer. Individuals and consumers today are unwilling to wait for anything, be it a product or service. They grow anxious and frustrated, oftentimes resulting in irrational behaviors. There is an opportunity for businesses to focus on emotion in the future. According to Dixon, businesses that can drive positive reactions and emotions to products and services will be the ones that dominate the market. Today's consumers are very caught up in the presence and will respond to the businesses that are effectively and appropriately prepared to meet their ever-evolving needs.