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Sal Khan's Technology-Aided Education Keynote Promotes Video-Based Teaching

 - Jun 22, 2012
References: youtube
In this thought-provoking and engaging technology-aided education keynote by Sal Khan, different methods of teaching and learning are explored.

The speaker uses his work at the Khan institute to explain how technology should become more integrated with learning and that the educational system has not advanced or improved despite recent technological advancements.

Using video as his main teaching aid, Khan has developed a system that caters to several unique learning styles and provides education to people around the world.

In Khan's technology-aided education keynote, the speaker explains that everyone learns differently and that the incorporation of interactive video components in the teaching method can help students to absorb information easier. By incorporating new methods into an existing system and by adopting innovative tactics, it will become easier to provide people around the world with a practical and effective educational background.