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Tom Chatfield's Gaming Keynote Demonstrates How the Hobby Educates

 - Jun 2, 2012
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Tom Chatfield's gaming keynote explores the different ways that video games can actually benefit users by engaging with the brain in remarkable ways.

Chatfield opens his speech with various facts about the gaming industry including the fact that in four years time, it will be worth approximately $80 billion.

He then explains that the most interesting way to think about video games as an educational tool and beneficial for the brain is in terms of the emotional rewards it provides people. The engagement involved in video games can be broken into two parts -- wanting (ambition) and liking (enjoyment).

Chatfield explains how experts collect data relating to the intensity of the rewards and the emotions that players experience. By doing so, they can track and manipulate the ways people's brains interact with a game. The brain is able to predict performance outcomes.