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Lines Between Reality & Gaming are Blurred in this David Perry Keynote

 - May 8, 2012
References: dperry & youtu.be
This David Perry keynote features one of the world's most accomplished game designers. Incorporating a variety of engaging, exciting and entertaining animations and short films in his speech, he discusses the ways in which videogames have the potential to become better than real life in the near future.

Fueled by over 42 billion dollars, the gaming industry is currently witnessing a wide range of enhancements in the ways users interact and experience games. As the talent of artists and graphic designers continue to increase and become more specialized, gamers can expect new characters, settings and fantasies to transport them to an alternate reality.

Sharing with the audience a short film created by a student that spotlights one gamer's opinion on the future of videogames, Perry demonstrates how videogames today are eroding people's understandings of what is real and what is not. As games allow people to fight wars, fly planes and witness their cohorts die, people will experience much more meaning from games than they will from the real world.