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Johnny Lee Demonstrates How to Transform Basic Technology into Useful Tools

 - Dec 26, 2011
References: ted
In his highly inventive technology presentation, Johnny Lee shows his audience how to hack a Wii video game remote controller and turn it into a valuable teaching aid for businesses and schools. By manipulating the way the remote works ever so slightly, Lee demonstrates how it can be used to create an interactive whiteboard with touchscreen technology at a fraction of the cost of a head-mounted three-dimensional viewer. The latter of these two inventions has already been picked up as a product that the gaming industry is intending on incorporating into future products. In this innovative presentation, Lee not only encourages his audience to think differently about technology and its various uses, but also demonstrates how one can quickly give online tutorials with the use of websites like YouTube. Just days after Johnny Lee posted these tutorials online, engineers, students and teachers from all over the world began embracing his lessons and sharing them through their own video tutorials. This thoroughly engaging seminar gives viewers information on how to replicate affordable versions of expensive technologies in their offices and classrooms.