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Dennis Hong Shares the Design and Technology Behind the First Car for the Blind

 - Dec 24, 2011
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During Dennis Hong's speech he describes the technology and ingenuity behind the world's first car for the blind. Motivated by the long-term goal of providing blind people the opportunity to perform a variety of everyday activities independently and safely, Hong decided to start by designing a car for the blind. Using a collection of cutting-edge technologies, Hong created a range of equipment and tools that enable a blind driver to determine his or her environment, surrounding objects (both moving and stationary) and speed. Some of these include a pair of gloves that sends messages to a driver and various video cameras that produce specific sounds based on what is captured on film. While Dennis Hong's innovative technology does not make it legal for the blind to drive on the roads, it represents a tremendous breakthrough in the quality of life for those who are visually impaired.