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Seth Priebatsch Discusses the Weakening Influence of Social Media

 - Mar 13, 2012
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In this keynote presentation, Princeton dropout Seth Priebatsch discusses the relevance and importance of gaming in the upcoming decade. Seth Priebatsch is the founder of SCVNGR, a gaming platform that enables users from all the over world to interact with one another in real-life challenges. He founded SCVNGR upon dropping out of Princeton after having already created two start-ups at the age of 12 and later 18.

During the keynote, he expresses his beliefs for why a gaming framework -- and not a social framework -- will dominate the ways humans and consumers interact with brands, companies and other individuals in the upcoming decade. Describing concepts such as appointment and progression dynamic, Seth Priebatsch shows how gaming already influences many spheres of our life, including pastimes such as Happy Hour and social profiles on LinkedIn.