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Paul Howard-Jones Discusses Learning With Technology

 - Feb 15, 2012
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Dr. Paul Howard-Jones explores the impact of video games and social media on the brain and the application of the knowledge in education. Howard-Jones confronts some of the common issues expressed about social media and the growing buzz around "internet addiction," like the idea that Google is "re-writing our brains."

Howard-Jones is especially interested in the effect of technology on children who are, for example, using it to make new friends, which has more negative effects. He also talks about the different effects based on when you use technology. Interrupted sleep disrupts learning as it stops the process of consolidating memory (absorbed during the day), and the light from small screens, like a cell phone, can actually be the most damaging. According to Howard-Jones, small bright screens reduce melatonin and make one likely to be up to four times more sleepy the next day.