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This Ali Carr-Chellman Keynote Shows Benefits for Boys and Games

 - May 17, 2012
References: ted & youtube
Why boys are falling out of sync in modern school systems is the center of discussion in this Ali Carr-Chellman keynote. Using various statistics, Chellman notes that there is a growing disparity between girl and boy-related problems in school systems.

Video games are often targeted as the reason why boys have difficulty fitting into school curricula and excelling at their work. However, Chellman points out that video games are a symptom not a source of why boys are having difficulty in school. Zero tolerance, fewer male teachers and condensed curricula are making the school environment an increasingly alienating atmosphere for young boys.

Instead of criticizing video game culture and encouraging alternative, "appropriate" activities, better budgets should go towards informative games in order to integrate a popular activity into an educational environment.