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James O'brien's Innovative Education Methods Keynote is Thought-Provoking

 - Jun 21, 2012
References: bcamhs.org & poptech.org
In this innovative education methods keynote by James O'Brien, the future of education and the need to remodel teaching methods for the 21st century is discussed.

The founder of Brooklyn Community Arts & Media High School argues that technology and arts-based curricula is essential for success in today's day and age. The speaker also explains that schools need to cater to a wide assortment of different learning styles to help their students to succeed.

O'Brien delves into the unique structure of the curriculum at BCAM High School in his innovative education methods keynote. He promotes the use of a combination of performance-based academics and professional training to foster both the creative potential of the students as well as their ability to socialize in a professional working environment.